Here I post Yiff. Mostly Gay or just male but on requests I will post other types of yiff. So drop an ask and tell me what you want to see.

I don't own any of what i post. I just find it, like it, and post it. And Those on this blog should be old enough to view dah pornz.
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Masterpost 7:

I searched far and wide for a nice variety of sext men to ogle over, and they all seem so eager for action… I WILL TAKE 20!!!! *raises my paw as if bidding, my cock drooling through my pants* Oh don’t worry, I’ll share~ YIFF! YIFF!


Artists Shown:

1. Jerkcentral

2. Fynnwolfie

3. Istani

4. Wolfblade

5. Achiga

6. Tojo the Thief

7. Purplepardus

8. Aolun

9. Lizardlars

10. Lunalei