Here I post Yiff. Mostly Gay or just male but on requests I will post other types of yiff. So drop an ask and tell me what you want to see.

I don't own any of what i post. I just find it, like it, and post it. And Those on this blog should be old enough to view dah pornz.
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22, 30, 37?


Weirdest thing I’ve done nude. uhmm idk. I was hungry so I made some food and was dancing to music?


I jerk off whenever I can. Like multiple times a day. Or not for several days. All depends on when I am in my room and my roommate  is not. 


Not with like a friend. Like a person I was sexually with yeah. But not like with a friend for shiggles. 

10 through 16 please. GOSH AHM NOT A CUB.


Yes. I do. Nibbles are the best. 


Yes. Of course. 


I have not been fisted. Not sure if I would be up for that. Might be. Idk. 


Yes. I like it a little rough, scratching, nibbling being forced down .All hot stuff. 


Kinks. Hmm. Well being dominated is hot. I like undies. a lot. Like sniffing them having my faced shoved in them. 


Maybe? Like domination. Ball gags really turn me on. 


I mean if i gotta go i gotta go.