Here I post Yiff. Mostly Gay or just male but on requests I will post other types of yiff. So drop an ask and tell me what you want to see.

I don't own any of what i post. I just find it, like it, and post it. And Those on this blog should be old enough to view dah pornz.
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If you have lots of money, i recommend going for the Surface 2 tablet, very nice, i am getting one, if you need a new phone, then go for the Opp Find 5, or the Nexus 5. or some nice headphones, i have heard very good things about audiotechnica. that and Sony headphones, i have had several pairs of those. or, buy a Leapmotion controller, they are super fun. buy a new watch, maybe some clothing...

ohoho not that much money lol. The leap thing looks really cool but I don’t see like a reason to have it other that it being really cool. Lol. Thanks for the ideas though :D